Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too busy knitting

I have been too busy knitting to take pictures, let alone make a blog post. Saturday I joined some friends at the Jared Flood class. Totally awesome. I can't begin to describe how wonderful Jared is, and what a wonderful class he provided us with. I think Anna's summary was perfect. Thanks Jared.

Sunday I met up with a newbie knitter for some coffee, knitting and gossip. Perfect combination if you ask me. And she is a prodigy. I can't believe the things she is churning out already.

Monday I infected another with the knitting bug. And it is a BOY!!! Bwahahaha!

Real quick- Come together is coming together nicely.
Come Together

The hat experiment is going less smoothly, but I am learning. I think my fair isle is too tight and it is making the top pucker. It is going to be frogged, but I wanted to share a picture anyway.
Eleni's hat

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mad Hatter

Necessity is the mother of invention. My baby needs a hat. So being the good knitting mother I want to pretend I am, I am going to set aside my sweater (on occasion) and start the girl a hat so that I don't resort to buying one. Of course, I am looking for a pattern which does not exist. But it is a hat. So I will make one up. Or at least steal bits from other patterns and smoosh it all together into a new pattern. The worse case is it doesn't work and I have wasted a few hours experimenting. I am considering something top-down, and like Thorpe (in Ravelry, and somewhat recently on brooklyn tweed) with ear flaps. But I like the fair isle in this hat better than what is in the Thorpe pattern to make it warmer and decorative. Plus, I have never fair-isled. SO it should be fun. Using some leftover Swish Superwash from the great Baby Moderne project of 07.

I owe you all an update on Come Together, it is moving along fast am on the second side already!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Walk this way...

Eleni, 10 days into this walking gig strutting her stuff.