Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mission acomplished

I did it. With your help, I overcame my case of the crazies and just sat down and started to knit. With a plan of course.
Eleni's hat
Thank goodness for colored pencils in my desk at work. They are great for creative bursts between tasks. After reviewing my e-mails, comments, and other suggestions I went to work. Measuring Eleni's head when she seemed distracted enough not to notice. Guessing what my gauge was based on other projects with the same yarn (for shame! I know... I was really risking a mishap without swatching). And then some simple math and I was on my way.
Brown hat
Eleni's hat
Red hem
Eleni's hat
Fancy stripe
Eleni's hat
Adorable model?
Eleni's hat

There isn't much negative ease in the hat. Maybe an inch max. I love how the red hem peeks out around her face a bit. I took notes while knitting, and plan on adding the pattern to my Ravelry downloads too. I just need to decided if I am going to try to write up a few different sizes before publishing. It also matches her coat so nicely. It was just too nice of a day to make her model that as well... another day perhaps!

Thanks for all of the support- I think it was key to such a successful project!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello strangers. Has it been a month already? Gosh. I guess I have been keeping busy. So much to talk about, so little time. I have a few posts swimming through my brain right now but first, the most pressing topic. Toddler hats.

So does anyone else do this? Decide to make something knit for a loved one and then obsess over choosing a pattern. I have the yarn and color decisions worked out. But the shape is what is killing me. And it is just a hat! So I come to you, my trusted knitting ad visors for some input.

First, the decisions I managed to sorta make on my own. I bought a coat, Old Navy, and am quite pleased with it!

The yarn colors have been decided as well- dark chocolate brown and a red that matches the coat as an accent. Both are a worsted weight wool, in my stash (score) leftover from other projects. The red is superwash, so felting is out. Oh, and I decided with the dark brown I would like a feminine hat in order to help elevate the "your son is so cute" comments this winter.

Right now there are 5 patterns, or ideas floating around my head.
1. Better Bucket Hat with a red i-cord band and perhaps a bow?
2. standard hat, with a folded under hem (to keep ears warm) and add an i-cord band, bow to frill it up a bit
Sorta like this, minus the roll brim and well... better

3. The republic hat?

4. A beret? With a red band, brown top. Are they cute without girly curls flowing from the back? Because our hair situation is still on the sparse side.
5. Fair isle. Like this- only chocolate, cream, red and pink?

[Rav it]December stripes

Is she too old for a bonnet?

I told you I needed help. Someone talk me down. I am obsessing, and I really should just be knitting. please don't let the adorable little boy in the last picture sway your judgment either. :o)