Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deadline accomplished!

I did it! After about 19 months of knitting on and off I finished Thermal. And I did it just before my self imposed deadline of Fall of '08. After all the autumnal equinox is tomorrow, September 22 at 11:44am... that is if I remembered what I heard on this news this morning. In any case. I did it. Buttons don't count right?

Finished Thermal

Please not the celebratory pose of the sweater. I think it realized how close it was to the frog pile with a few other objects it was rooming with during its hibernation. I am happy I picked it back up again, and I am pleased with the finished item. I just need to find some appropriate buttons, however I am not certain that will keep me from wearing it. Bring on the cool weather. I am ready.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A first time for everything

As a parent, I am always happy to share my daughters "firsts". Announcing the first time she rolled over marking the beginning of her mobility. The first tooth, and the trauma which brought it to the surface. And I am sure there will be many other first that I get excited over. However this particular one I could have done without. Our first trip to Children's Hospital's ER.

It started with a cold on Friday night. But something seemed different. She woke up from her sleep coughing and gasping for breath. I convinced myself that she was just worked up it, especially after K was easily able to settle her down. Saturday she seemed sick, but nothing exceptional. Sunday morning her long lashes where glued to one another with eye gook, and her nose was nearly sealed shut with snot. However even after cleaning her face off, she was still not herself. Plans where canceled for our weekly breakfast trip to Eat'n Park. Lunch plans to K's grandparents where canceled and we called the doctor.

The nurse said because she was wheezing the doctor wanted to see her. So we ran to the doctors expecting that our little cold would be taken care of in an hour or two. Well. Our expectations where wrong. When will I learn? Never expect anything to go the way you plan with little ones! The doctor suggested a trip to the ER would be the best. So there we where. Unprepared and headed to Children's. A diaper bag with only three diapers, wipes and my wallet. No toys. No food (for mommy and daddy). Nothing.

The visit was uneventful. We had friendly and helpful doctors and nurses take care of us. We had some chest x-rays (another first), some treatments, and by the end of our stay a much happier baby.

Lessons learned- Trust your instinct. I knew Friday night it was more than a regular cold. Don't be lazy, pack a well stocked diaper bag. Plastic bottles, foam cups, and hospital tubes are only interesting for so long. Call the grandparents periodically. K's parents knew we where going to the doctors. Nine hours after telling them that, and not hearing from us they where pretty worried. When you are wondering how much longer you have to wait to be sure the treatment was effective, ask. Be sure to mention the hungry dogs you left at home. It was a very effective tactic, and the dogs appreciated us coming home too.

And of course, EJ was happy to share her cold with mommy. Lets just hope daddy stays healthy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9 month stats

Last Tuesday was EJ's nine month checkup. She is 19lbs 14 oz, and 28.5 inches tall. Both of those are in the 75th percentiles. She is self feeding now and totally rejects being spoon fed. She is cruising around the furniture like a champ, and has even started letting go and standing for a few seconds on her own. She seems to always be on the move! Not like her mother at all...hehehe.
I found the baby kimono I knit for her to come home from the hospital in while cleaning the other day.
So Big!
Can garter stitch scream?