Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Secrets Revieled

Here are the pictures I promised, the finished baby gifts for my friend Amy. She and her hubby are the proud parents to a beautiful little girl! Congratulations!!

First this is the Petal Bib from One Skein by Leigh Radford. I used Peaches and Cream yarn and size 6 dpns and a size 6 circular. I made sure I got the pattern just right, and knit it three times. Something about the beach and counting that didn't work well for me.

In the picture below the hat pattern was also found in One Skein. The booties are from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The booties where listed in the One Hour section, and lets just say I didn't meet that time. However they where done in a day! If you have a keen eye- you may recognize the yarn. It is the same yarn that Mo got into.

Who Me?

Pictures tonight- I promise!

Monday, February 12, 2007


I just had to share this comic strip with all of you. It was in todays paper (Feb 12,07) and is of the Pickles comic strip. It just really hit home with me, and my husband who is on knitting probation. Image courtsy of comics.com

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Coming to you from my couch

Yes, my couch. After excitement, frustration, disappointment, groveling, and some genius assistance we are wireless!! The install of the wireless router could have gone simply, like the box said, but my modem for DSL was acting as a router already and caused me some trouble. Thank goodness for nerdy friends.

I can't wait for my next work from home day :o)


Monday, February 5, 2007

Now that is obsession

I often wonder why smokers go through the trouble of being outside to smoke when the weather is so terrible. I wonder if it is really worth it. The weather in Pittsburgh is quite low today. School canceling low. Checking out my local news website I see it is a balmy 5 F out right now and we are to expect a high of 7! That of course does not include the wind chill factor. I took a walk at lunch. I *needed* new size 6 DPNs. Quite a while ago Mo ate one of the set of 5 I owned. No big deal, I can make due with just 4. But when he ate off the end of number 4 and brought my count down to three mid way through the second fetching mitt I was out of luck. When will I learn? So I headed to my most visited LYS, Ewe Can Knit (aka Weldin's) and picked up a new pair. The old ones where Brittany's and I opted for the Crystal Palace ones this time around. Perhaps they are less tasty. I walked approximately .5 miles for these needles in sub zero weather. Hopefully I can knit up some warm items with them to make up for the windburn I may have acquired. A cigarette won't offer me the same payback I am afraid.

I am sure you have all noticed the Knitty Surprises are up. I am a fan of Thermal... so much so, that I ordered the yarn from Knit Picks in the pumpkin shade. Hopefully I won't regret making something so large with such a small gauge. Perhaps I will finish it before this cold goes away?!

Friday, February 2, 2007

A return to normalcy

We are home again, and I feel like things are settled enough to get back to catching up in the blog-o-sphere.

Our trip was wonderful, and well timed too. We spent just under a week in the Riviera Maya Mexico. It is about an 60-90 minutes south of Cancun. We stayed at the Grand Palladium resort which is made up of 4 other resorts. We where at the "Colonial" section and had the ability to use the other features at the other parts of the resort as well. The compound was just huge, we got lost a few times the first day trying to find our way around. The natural vegetation of the mangroves made it tricky to see where we where in relation to other buildings at times. After we got over getting lost, I appreciated the vegetation. We even saw a boar one day munching on some plant and what looked like a capybara ran across a path. Overall the resort was really nice, but I think we had better service when we where in Punta Cana.
We traveled with a large group. About 30 people. We where invited by our neighbors who have done this bi-annual trip with friend for a while now. This was their biggest group so far. Everyone on the trip was friendly, and I loved that Kevin had other people there to entertain him. We have different vacation styles. I want to relax, Kevin wants to do stuff. Having everyone else there gave him more of an opportunity to be active. He tried to scuba but after the lesson in the pool he decided it wasn't for him. I did manage to get quite a few photos of him giving it a shot! He was not the only one who was not interested in scuba, only 7 of 30 went for the dive while the remainder of the group took Catamaran trip which included some snorkeling, some drinking, and a few sea sick individuals (including myself).
We spent a lot of time laughing about how cold it was at home, and dreaded stepping out of the terminal here in Pittsburgh! It is nice to be home again, I did miss our bed and the pups... but this work thing is over rated.

Knitty Bits

I got a bit of knitting done while lying on the beach... My first sock with the Trekking yarn is nearly finished. I am trying to use all of the yarn, so it is rather long now. However the a fetching mitt was much more fun for me and I knit one up over a couple of days. I didn't have enough yarn to do the second, but some leftovers at home from a prior project should be enough to finish it up! It is Mission Falls 1824 Wool left over from a hat project.Plus some secret knitting to be reviled later gave me the opportunity to realize I cannot count. Not once, but twice it was knit. I am working on the third try with stitch markers and more concentration.

Back on the Homefront

The craft room is no longer a messy pile of crap with no home. Rather it is now a home for my crap... or in my eyes my treasured knitting supplies. There are still a few to-dos left before it can be considered finished.
1. Curtain, might be a roman shade, but perhaps I will change my mind and do drapes instead? The fabric is just hanging out right now.
2. Cable line needs to be dropped into the room, so my TV can be hooked up. 3. Paint... to paint or not to paint. That is the question. If I paint I don't know what color to choose. 4. finishing touches, we have "art" to hang along with some square mirrors from Ikea.

Adios for now!!