Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jacket in Progress

Jacket in progress

Well, there it is. In all of its giant yellow flowery glory. It is sunny, which is what I had wanted. It seemed shockingly so when it was coming together, but I pressed on. It was exciting to try on and I have to admit I think it is pretty much what I envisioned. EJ thinks that it is beautiful. Knowing her current sense of style, this doesn't really give me much confidence in my own taste.

The pattern has been pretty easy to follow so far, for someone who falls into a category between beginner and intermediate seamstress. I have been stumped along the way... like why the front and sides are not the same length. But I figured it out after some thinking and trust in the instructions.

I had some dark green lining, but I think I need something lighter. Back to the fabric store. I just wish I could have a natural fiber lining, that was still slippery enough to act as a lining. The poly linings are kinda meh. Any suggestions to alternatives that are readily available? And while I am asking questions... honest opinions on the bold fabric? hehehe

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Peep show

I have been sewing! Just had to get rid of my husband for the weekend to find the time.
Jacket sneek peak
Close up of the one pocket welt, and front and side panels of my new jacket.