Thursday, April 29, 2010

Third time...

is a charm!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Salvation Army Fabric Sale

Thanks to some very good friends, I was made aware of a fabric sale that the Salvation Army does every year. I was unable to go last year. My friends reminded me I had cracked a tooth and was desperate to see a dentist. Yuck! But this year my teeth were in tact and I was ready to go! It was great fun! And I think we all left with a bag full of possibilities!
First stop was the notions table, specifically the button boxes.
Fabric Sale
Lots of yellow, and those big buttons might just work on my jacket project! Total cost- $3.
I then started to wander up and down the rows of tables stacked with fabric. Everything was organized by type and my bag got heavy quickly.
Fabric Sale
Navy flowered poly blend, some blue lining, gray suiting material, wool houndstooth plaid, gray wool, blue/white seersucker stripe, flowered cream home decor fabric, and finally some Waverly home dec print (which I thought of using to recover a small chair I have... but there might be enough to recover my dining room chairs which seems like a good use of the fabric!!) Total yardage- 19.5 cost- $27.75
Lastly I took some time to look through a few boxes of patterns. They were only a quarter... so why not?
Fabric Sale
They only charged me for two of them. I pointed out there was one more in the bag and the lady let it go. Cost-$.50.
All and all I had a great time with friends. Spent the morning elbow to elbow with complete strangers digging through piles of fabric. Only cost me $31.25, and who knows what all of these goodies will end up becoming in the coming year!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Taking the plunge!

I can be a very cautious at times. Planning and thinking and worrying. It is part of my personality I guess. But I also have a way of coming up with an idea and running with it. If you are one of my readers who know me in real life, well you know where this is going. As you have been the recipient of many e-mails, and messages filled with sewing questions.
I am tall. Tall enough that I can't buy coats in the store. I have to go online and click the "Tall" button on my favorite retailers sites. Sadly, all the tall coats were gray, tan, or black. Otherwise, BLAH. If it is dull and dreary outside I want to do my part to brighten up the day. Not contribute to the drab. I wanted something and couldn't buy it. Time to pull out all the stops and get crafty. Even if it means pushing my current skills up a notch.
Please join me in welcoming my newest project.
The Perfect Spring Jacket.
The cast of characters:
Simplicity pattern 2508

And while I was thinking of a solid fabric when I started this adventure, this print was not easy to ignore

Del Hi PomPom Sun, found at discounted and applied a coupon code for 25% off! Double Score!
I was also lucky enough to have a friend with a similar fabric from the same designer in her stash, which helped me through all the crazy doubts about the large print on a coat with a lot of smaller pieces. But today, I took the plunge. I ordered the fabric for the coat! Lining is still not decided upon. I might wait until I have the fabric in hand. But I am thinking something unexpected would be lovely. Baby blue? Bright spring green? Should be fun!