Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Socks Suck?

Grumperina recently declared that she is not a sweater knitter. She even made buttons to put on her blog and to share with others that boldly states this preference of hers. This post of hers, along with some lack of interest of my own makes me wonder if perhaps I am not a sock knitter? I enjoy sock yarn, I enjoy turning a heel, love my one pair of hand knit socks... but I find myself starting them and never finishing a set. Not like my normal knitting style at all. I normally hate unfinished objects piling up in my stash.
This sock was started on Sunday August 5th, the day of the first Steelers game of the year. A pre-season Hall of Fame game, but enough to get me thinking black and gold none the less. It sat on hold for at least a week while I wondered if it was too small after turning the heel three times due to my own lack of concentration. I moved past that with help from some other Steeler football and my gestational diabetes test. My progress so far...Please ignore my day-glo white skin.
Steelers sock in progress

close up of the third-time's-a-charm heel...
Steelers sock heel close up

I think the only thing keeping me going is knowing that my Steelers gear won't fit until later in December once Sproggy arrives. Hopefully it will be enough to get me through the second sock!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Taylors first job

Todays raininy weather was perfect for getting a few things done around the house. I finially felt inspired to work on the zipper for K's sweater. After re-reading Grumperina's tutorial, I decided that hand stitching the zipper into the sweater and the ribbon onto the zipper was more than I was interested in doing. I am not a huge fan of hand sewing. Maybe because it always looks messy to me. In anycase, I decided it was a perfect time to pull Taylor out and see what he could do.

The plan was to sew the ribbon onto the back side of the zipper and then place the zipper into the sweater. I made sure to pin the ribbon to the zipper to keep things from shifting around. Made sure the ribbon had the dark stripes closest to the zipper's teeth to make it symetrical. I put on Taylors letter "I" zipper foot and proceeded with caution.
Taylors first stitches
Once I was done, this is what I had created...
Aug19-07 003
I was very pleased with the results and must say that using Taylor for the first time was quite easy. I used the manual to figure out how to wind the bobbin thread, and thread the machine, but both where pretty easy. I am certainly happy with this machine so far!
I was able to get the zipper hand stitched into the sweater while watching some movies in the afternoon. It is not finished. I only sewed the outer edge and have not yet tacked down the inner side of the ribbon. You will have to wait for 100% finished photos to see how it all turned out!

Also of interest today- I took a square of embroidery that my great uncle had brought home from Japan during the war and put it into a frame. It was given to me by my grandparents when they where cleaning out their home before moving into a smaller place. I believe it had spent a lot of time folded and tucked away in a closet. I hated for it to have the same fate at our home.
Framed embroidery
We decided to hang it in our bedroom. I am not sure if it is hanging in the right place- or if it just needs to be lowered, or should have something else hanging with it. Any suggestions?
Framed embroidery 2

One last note- Today is my little sisters birthday!! Happy 24th Julie!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Introducing Taylor!

My sewing machine arrived! Yea! His name is Taylor. I have been asked how I know he is a boy, and I just thought it was obvious. It is a Brother brand machine.
I am anxious to give him a try, but am not ready to start my crib skirt project just yet. I do have a well used quilt I received as a high school graduation gift 10 years ago that could use some serious mending. Especially considering it is my favorite couch blanket!

While I was busy with opening up Taylors shipping box, Mo decided to play with his favorite new toy...
Mo's new toy Ewww Mo!
Yes... that is our $1.99 Ikea toilet brush. You should see him prance around with it in his mouth. I have tried spraying it with bitter apple with hopes of it would deter him, but my stubborn little man wasn't even slowed down.

And finially some adorable knitting to finish off the post...Saarje's Bootees knit with Dale of Norway Baby UII. Still need to add buttons, but they are basically done.
Aug13-07 005 Bootie

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Taking the plunge!

Well, I think I officially just committed myself to more sewing projects. I ordered myself a sewing machine of my very own. Not that I had any problems with borrowing moms, but I found it was hard to give it back to her. Now that will no longer be an issue. I went with a Brother CS 6000, it was recommended via this blog. I am quite excited for it to arrive! I will be able to christen it with my crib skirt project!

Special thanks to Annie for the added encouragement in making this decision.