Thursday, September 8, 2011

In which I pretend a year hasn't passed since my last post

Happy Halloween!

Wait, what's that? It is only September you say? Trust me. It is time. Once again the EJ knows exactly what she wants to be for Halloween this year. I asked her a second time and she replies with annoyance in her voice "I already told you I want to be Angelina!" More specifically Angelina Ballerina as the Rose Fairy Princess.

She wakes up in the mornings and asks where her costume is. How dare I not rush to buy fabric and instantly produce said costume immediately? I have however managed to develop a plan.

Simplicity 2506: Toddler Mouse costume- This will be my starting point. Only in all white, pink ears and no tummy patch. However the rest is where I need to get a little extra crafty. Cause my mouse needs a rose fairy princess costume! Hehehehe. I love this crap. Stay tuned for more adventures in taking on more than I need to... I made my shopping list already! Should be a fun ride.