Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fleece Navidad

I hope that all of my readers had a wonderful holiday. I know that mine was very nice considering my vacation time was quite short. We where able to spend time with both of our families without running around like fools with over stuffed bellies trying to have just one more bite as to no insult dear auntie who spent so much time on those cookies. Our visits where relaxed, and very enjoyable. It was a nice change.

I began knitting something new... with something old. Some stash yarn that I had left over from the O'Donnell Aran throw. It is a hat. Perhaps an ugly hat. Hopefully ugly in that retro-Anthropologie kind of way. I will keep knitting, wondering how I will decrease when the time comes, and if I will even like the hat in the end. What do you think?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Marseilles Pullover

I was knitting this sweater while knitting the log cabin blanket. I am not sure why I took on two large project at the same time. It was like running a marrathon, only to have another marrathon to fall back on. I went a long time without having that satisfaction of finishing something. However the payoff was a good one. Here are the details:

What: Marseilles Pullover, Interweave Knits Summer 06, size small

Yarn: Knit Picks, Swish Superwash in Light Coral

Needles: Size 7 and Size 8 bamboo

For: Myself :o)

Modifications: Added three inches to each sleeve length and an extra twist on the waist band (about 4 rows).

This is the first time I used the swish superwash, and to my surprise it is not only washable, but also quite soft. After all the work I put into the sweater I was happy it came out so well!

Log Cabin Blanket

Grandparents always seem the hardest to shop for. They have everything they might need. I hate to clutter their house with more knickknacks for them to dust. A hand knit seemed like a perfect solution, and a blanket could be for them both. I kept the size small, it is more of a lap blanket than a full blown afghan. It had to be machine washable too!

What: Log cabin blanket, inspired by Mason Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight
Needles: Knit Picks Options size 9
For: My Grand parents as a Christmas present
Size: 36 inches Square

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A slacker already?

I feel like I have given up on my small group of loyal readers already! But never fear- I am back! No pictures just yet, but I do have some FOs to post about so pictures and details will come soon. My dear K and I have been on a weeks vacation, and I vacationed from the computer, work, and anything I didn't want to do. We kept busy at home and avoided cooking dinner most nights too. Here where the other highlights of the week...

We visited the Carnegie Museum of Art specifically to see the Louis Comfort Tiffany exhibit. There was a smaller exhibit going on at the same time of Tiffany desk sets that one of my friends had put together, and we also made a point to see it while we where there! In my opinion she did a great job putting it all together!

I spent much of Thursday baking cookies with my mother. It was a duel purpose bake-off. The obvious reason is that Christmas is two weeks away, the other reason was that my good friend is expecting her first child and we threw a shower for her. Christmas cookies easily turn into baby shower cookies with a quick jimmy color change. A bunch of friends all chipped in and it turned into a great day!

In knitterly news, I finished my sweater and the blanket I am working on will be done very soon!! I promise pictures soon! Now I just need to figure out what is next on the knitting list...

One last highlight is that I got older. At the shower my friends surprised me with a special dessert, and a wonderful rendition of happy birthday with a piano accompaniment! I was blushing, but it is certainly nice to have such a great bunch of friends!