Friday, March 30, 2007

The Harlot is coming!!

And I nearly forgot. What a strange week it has been. I feel like I have lost my mind at times and wonder how I managed to get my pants on the right way. It was my dear K who reminded me to not go home after work today. Instead I will be heading down to the South Side Works for a quick supper and to meet the infamous Yarn Harlot at the Joseph Beth Booksellers. I did not bring my camera to work. I am contemplating a quick stop back home to get it, but that may only just make the pups upset. Perhaps my more clever friend will remember hers!

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Update

While spring was busy springing this weekend, we where busy redecorating. Now that the craft room was complete K and I where able to fully absorb ourselves into a room which will soon be our room.

We had some company over the weekend too. She wasn't very good with a paint brush, but she did keep Mo and Bella company and scare away any bad guys who may or may not have been outside.

And on to the details... we wanted a fan in the room, so we went with white with hopes it would fade into the ceiling. We hung it on Saturday between the two coats of paint. You can see the paint color here. Optimistic Yellow from Sherwin Williams.

We found this shade at Target on Sunday and decided to give it a try. I think it works quite well! It is a roman shade and we hung it higher to make the window appear bigger.

Here is a bad picture of the FLOR tiles we used on the floor. They where purchased through Lowes and is called Savannah. I found it very easy to install and like the look it gave the room. We turned the tiles to alternate the direction of the pattern.

Some how after all of that we had time to put together our HEMMES dresser from IKEA. You can also see the variation of the carpet in this photo.

So far, so good. We where both surprised at how much we where able to get done in just two days. It is just such a great change and we are both excited to finish up and start using the room!!

So now we are just relaxing...

and enjoying spring!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I have been quite busy, with many different things. Mostly home improvement type business. Finishing up old projects and starting up some new ones. Right now I will just wrap up the details of my Craft room...

Here is the room looking into it from the door. It is not a very big room, but gives me enough space to store, stash and knit. What more could I want. The paint colors are both Sherwin Williams colors. The blue on top is called Raindrop and the bottom green is Shagreen. The color combo was recommended on SW's web site when choosing Raindrop Shagreen was recommended as an accent. Well, I switched it with some courage given to me by everyone's vote!
The curtains are self designed :oP K and I picked out the fabric together before the paint was chosen, but we knew we had to include the dark blue which is in the big chair and introduce other colors as well. With a simple seam at the top and bottom and some Umbra 1 inch clip drapery rings to hang it from the clearance curtain rod we found at Bed Bath and Beyond.
Here is a shot of the other side of the room.
And... the finishing touch. A last minute and perfect match! We found this at Lowes!
Thanks for looking. More later including knitting and our new home project details!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Finishing touches

I did this craft room a bit bass ackwards. I should have painted before filling the room with furniture, however I didn't pick colors until just recently. So now the big decision is which color goes best on the top part of the wall....
Better One?

Better two?

From afar.....Monitors may slightly change the picture, but I seem to think the blue is brighter in person that it appeared in the picture, but you get the idea. Thanks for your help!

PS... the curtains are NOT finished, they are just are there to help with the visualization