Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The O'Donnell throw

So, this here is my favorite knit project I have ever made. Nearly a year ago, my family lost a beloved and dear friend of ours. His name was Richard. His spirit was uplifting and his smile was contagious. He was family... we lost him to esophagal cancer in November of 2006. I attended his 'retirement party' days before he passed clearly knowing it was his wake. The room was over filled with loving friends, family and co-workers who all had loved Richard. However at the funural I was unable to console his bride, his favorite knickname to his wife. I needed something to help me heal, and to give to this widdow to help her remember her husband and comfort her on those lonely nights. Richard was proud of his Irish heritage and it inspired me to knit him an Aran patterend throw. I could not find a pattern that would help me along so I ventured into my first ever self-designed project. After much planning and swatching I felt ready to cast on the first row. Overall it took me six weeks of constant knitting to finish this work of art... or love rather. I presented it to his wife when she was over my parents on St Patricks day. She instantly recgonized it as the O'Donnell Clan pattern and keeps the blanket in the living room on Richards chair. Best gift ever.


  1. Damn you! This story made me cry. . .again.

    p.s. so glad I have another knitting blog to read!

  2. What a beautiful story and blanket.

  3. hi aj!
    i love this story... mainly because it's about richard, and nearly after a year, i still miss him so much! the blanket amazed us all, and sandy tells us often how she shows EVERYONE what you made her!!
    you truly are amazing... glad i can call you my big sister!