Monday, February 5, 2007

Now that is obsession

I often wonder why smokers go through the trouble of being outside to smoke when the weather is so terrible. I wonder if it is really worth it. The weather in Pittsburgh is quite low today. School canceling low. Checking out my local news website I see it is a balmy 5 F out right now and we are to expect a high of 7! That of course does not include the wind chill factor. I took a walk at lunch. I *needed* new size 6 DPNs. Quite a while ago Mo ate one of the set of 5 I owned. No big deal, I can make due with just 4. But when he ate off the end of number 4 and brought my count down to three mid way through the second fetching mitt I was out of luck. When will I learn? So I headed to my most visited LYS, Ewe Can Knit (aka Weldin's) and picked up a new pair. The old ones where Brittany's and I opted for the Crystal Palace ones this time around. Perhaps they are less tasty. I walked approximately .5 miles for these needles in sub zero weather. Hopefully I can knit up some warm items with them to make up for the windburn I may have acquired. A cigarette won't offer me the same payback I am afraid.

I am sure you have all noticed the Knitty Surprises are up. I am a fan of Thermal... so much so, that I ordered the yarn from Knit Picks in the pumpkin shade. Hopefully I won't regret making something so large with such a small gauge. Perhaps I will finish it before this cold goes away?!

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