Sunday, April 1, 2007

My night with the Yarn Harlot

What a weekend we have had so far! It started off with a girls night at the Joseph Beth Bookstore after work. The Yarn Harlot was speaking and Amy, Heather, and I couldn't wait! I got there first and saved a seat while I worked on my Thermal sweater. As the seats began to fill up all of the lovely ladies around me began to chat. I met quite a few wonderfully fun ladies including a Heather who came all the way from Charleston West Virginia, and Julia of Knitterly Things who somehow failed to mention that the Harlot had been IN HER KITCHEN earlier in the day! Gasp! So Amy and Heather showed up and I introduced them to our new friends.

Before we knew it the bookstore was full and it was time for Stephanie to begin her talk. I don't want to give away all of the details of her talk. It truly was hilarious and my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. I believe Julia took some great video and hopes to get some of it up to You Tube. I will let you know if that works out for her!

After the talk we waited in line to have our books signed. Stephanie let all of the mothers with babies with them to get in line first, so Amy and I waited separately. Still, waiting in line with knitters is never like waiting in line alone! I was quickly in front of the Yarn Harlot herself... what do I say? Yikes! So she signed my book and asked for my blog name. I almost fell over when she mentioned that she had been there! Yea! That is a woman who does her homework! Here I am with the Traveling Sock, and Stephanie!

I grabbed an iced tea from the Caribou Coffee next door and went and sat with Amy. Julia joined us and we all chatted while I was trying to hold Heather without her fussing the entire time. Well, I was not doing a very good job and soon Stephanie was taking Heather from my arms and began to lull her into a calm state. It was a beautiful thing. I have made note of this technique and will be sure to keep it in my repertoire!

All in all it was a wonderful, fabulously, fun night with great ladies!!


  1. The photos should be waiting in your inbox now!

  2. How fun! I would loved to have driven up to Pittsburgh for the event if I had not already had plans to be in Massachusetts for the weekend. I would love to see a progress shot of your thermal sweater! (and Hey, I feel so special now that I am included in your friend list! yay!)

  3. yay for you & your yarn harlot... however, what i'm really looking for is a post about your bedroom... and how wonderful your sister is... haha! love you!!