Friday, November 9, 2007

Bend the Rules Valance

Last week I was a busy little sewer, and have not yet taken any time to share with you my project. Sadly I was too caught up in the activity to take any in progress photos. It was an experiment and I was just interested in getting to the end result to pause for picture taking.

After being inspired by the Scalloped Baby blanket that Cara made for sproggy I decided I would use the same pattern concept for the nursery window valance. The pattern can be found in Bend the Rules Sewing. I adjusted the size to fit across the window, and left the top straight. Also, I applied a simple pocket to the back for the curtain rod to slide through.

Nursery Valance and Rocker

Close up
Nursery Valance

I added two stripes of the ribbon left over from the crib skirt to break up the pattern some. Never mind the short tab of ribbon hanging below the finished edge. There are plans for that.
Nursery valance

So my question for you is..... Do I need long curtains under the valance? Like some pink shears? Just something to make it look more finished? Every time I walk in the room I feel like maybe it is missing something. Advice is greatly appreciated!
Nursery wide

Here is the most recent belly picture I have right now... for one particular reader :o) My belly is the bottom of the two. The top belly belongs to a friend Lisa. She is due anytime now, if she hasn't already had her little man!

Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. I think the valance looks great! The neat, clean and organized look that you have going on right now is temporary and once you get all the clutter that comes with a baby (diapers, wipes, creams, pile of clean clothes to be put away, books, bottles, cups, wipes, boppy, etc) the window will be a nice calming piece of space! Oh yeah, and if you plan on keeping the rocker in front of the window you will not have to worry about baby pulling on sheers.

  2. nice room- being i've never seen it in person, wtf?! (are we really sisters?!)

    cute belly pic, sproggy looks a little crooked! she must have been partying, too!

  3. i think i like it the way it is. the comment above about the calm that will not be so calm is 100% right. max's room was perfect prior to arrival.... now.... not so perfect. they turned out great btw!

    and i'm also going to agree with julie, i was going to point out that spoggy must have been having a good time, because she's a little lopsided :) cute photo though :)

  4. Belly pics are awesome things. Your curtain looks awesome too! One issue you might want to consider with long curtains is that they are targets for little kids to pull on. Of course, this will only be an issue for, I don't know, five years or so, just something to think about.

  5. YAY - thanks for the belly pic!!! i love it!! and it's coming up on that time - i can't wait!!!! :-D

    and don't fret about the room not looking finished yet - it's not, silly! sproggy has not made her appearance yet - once she's in there, it'll be perfect!!!

    <3 nic

  6. I'm going to be the dissenter and say that I would add a pair of curtains or shears to the window. I think another touch of pink would be nice and I prefer soft fabric framing windows. I would make them 9-12" longer than the window sill.

    But the valence looks lovely! Clearly I know who I can turn to when I want to improve my sewing skills!