Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Gardening

Thrilling blog right? All I talk about anymore are plants and deer. Guess what.
Garden Month 3
I have peppers on most of the pepper plants. Aside from one which seems to be getting crushed by a roma tomato plant. This particular specimen has three peppers.
Garden Month 3
And speaking of those Roma tomatoes, well they seem to be producing a lot of fruit now too. Here is one especially large cluster tucked away towards the bottom of the plant. I think I counted 12 tomatoes just in this one bunch!
Garden Month 3
The early girl plant even has one tomato which is considering changing colors. It was the first tomato that the plant produced. So it is only natural it ripen first. (the photo is so blurry- sorry about that.)
Garden Month 3
And finally... this is the part where I talk about the deer.
Garden Month 3
And how much they munched off of my poor plants. This time was a lot more severe than the past snacks they indulged in. If you click the photo all the chewed stems are far more obvious, but basically the whole fenced in area had been about full of leafy full tomato stems. Thanks a lot deer. I thought we where friends. See if I throw any more over ripe apples your way again.

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  1. Wow, those tomatoes look beautiful! If you'd like, you can borrow Bucky to just hang out in your yard and send those other deer a message...