Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello strangers. Has it been a month already? Gosh. I guess I have been keeping busy. So much to talk about, so little time. I have a few posts swimming through my brain right now but first, the most pressing topic. Toddler hats.

So does anyone else do this? Decide to make something knit for a loved one and then obsess over choosing a pattern. I have the yarn and color decisions worked out. But the shape is what is killing me. And it is just a hat! So I come to you, my trusted knitting ad visors for some input.

First, the decisions I managed to sorta make on my own. I bought a coat, Old Navy, and am quite pleased with it!

The yarn colors have been decided as well- dark chocolate brown and a red that matches the coat as an accent. Both are a worsted weight wool, in my stash (score) leftover from other projects. The red is superwash, so felting is out. Oh, and I decided with the dark brown I would like a feminine hat in order to help elevate the "your son is so cute" comments this winter.

Right now there are 5 patterns, or ideas floating around my head.
1. Better Bucket Hat with a red i-cord band and perhaps a bow?
2. standard hat, with a folded under hem (to keep ears warm) and add an i-cord band, bow to frill it up a bit
Sorta like this, minus the roll brim and well... better

3. The republic hat?

4. A beret? With a red band, brown top. Are they cute without girly curls flowing from the back? Because our hair situation is still on the sparse side.
5. Fair isle. Like this- only chocolate, cream, red and pink?

[Rav it]December stripes

Is she too old for a bonnet?

I told you I needed help. Someone talk me down. I am obsessing, and I really should just be knitting. please don't let the adorable little boy in the last picture sway your judgment either. :o)


  1. I like the bucket, republic, or beret. Republic is probably the most boyish of those. So...bucket or beret, whichever you think is more her (your) style. I wish I had my own girl to dress!

  2. I think you could still do a bonnet. Maybe a larger version of the one in Last Minute Knitted Gifts in chocolate and pink.

  3. I agree with the LMKG bonnet. There are also a few really cute ones in the hat book with the bunny hat... I'll send you the link on Rav.

  4. You are so talented. I love the Republic hat. Meghan has a red coat that is similar to Eleni's. One of these days I'll focus on knitting. For now, she'll have to wear a store bought cap... unless of course, you want to re-create your masterpiece... :)