Saturday, May 1, 2010


Gauge, is a great mystery at times. This yarn has given me a great many problems along the way with gauge. But this time, I feel like I won. Even if I ended up with a size 4, and a size 2 daughter. She should grow. Right?

It all started with a sweater, for me.
Cables & O's
a sweater that was never more than a too-small sleeve thanks to too tight knitting and a dislike of the pattern.

Then came a little dress.
Easter dress
And after a first attempt being too small, and a second attempt being too big I threw in the towel.

Finally I decided to revisit this yarn one last time. One more pattern. Again, two attempts...
And finally. A success. That is not to say I finally found the perfect pattern with the proper gauge to execute perfectly. Oh no. My gauge was way off, and this yarn didn't want to be knit any tighter. Knit on size 5's and with the size 2 directions I ended up with a sweater much closer to the size 4 sweater. So I knit using the size 4 length instructions. So I don't know if it is a size 2, 3 or 4. But I do know it fits her now. And that is enough.

But what do I do with the rest of this yarn!?!?!


  1. Girl, that yarn is cursed! I think you should give it to the dogs.

    But how 'bout that picture of Eleni!? Hilarious! Is she doing C25K with you?

  2. Holy cow that photo is precious!!! And the sweater isn't bad either. ;)

  3. love the sweater and that photo is a freakin riot!