Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bathroom Complete!

Well, as many of you noticed last Sunday at the knitting GTG, our powder room is complete. Chair rail, art, and a place to keep the TP. I figured I owed pictures to my blog, so while I have time to catch up on my blogging I would include them in a post! Enjoy!!

This is the light fixture we choose, it was the only one like it at the Home Depot near us which was in the middle of a lighting section renovation... The pickings where slim, but we found what we wanted!

This is the picture of the towels close up, and the art we picked up over the summer at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. The artist is Susan Hodgin and she had come all of the way from Indiana to be at the festival. I really enjoyed the work she brought with her to Pittsburgh. I only wish we could have afforded another piece!

Lastly, I need some advice. What to do with this terrible boxy window? The metal is slightly corroded, and it is just generally ugly. What kind of curtain could help this sad window without looking terrible?


  1. the bathroom looks nice! i like the hand towels - neat pattern. as for the window what about a small roman shade? you can make one yourself in your crap oops i mean craft room ;)

  2. There's a knitting pattern for a beautiful linen window shade out of the Louet Euroflax) that might work - I think it is in Mason Dixon Knitting??? It would cover the ugly bits, but still let light through the linen lace pattern. Completely envious of your "crafty crap room".