Sunday, January 7, 2007

Dogs Eat Yarn...

It is true, dogs eat yarn and I finially have proof. The first insident was shortly after Mo joined our happy little family and I was knitting a sock and left it on the end table by the sofa. He found it and decided it was a lot of fun to tug and pull this yarn apart. However I neglected to photograph the evidence, or me winding and unknotting an entire skein of sock yarn over a period of three days (what can I say, I am crazy).

This time however, I have proof. He stole yarn again- and I caught him in the act and had to chase him around the table yelling in a crazy voice (no wonder he ran). He dragged and un-wound this loose ball of angora/wool blend all over the living room. I came to my senses and grabbed a high value treat and I was finially able to get my yarn back. Mostly unharmed.

I love my dogs, I love my dogs... I love my dogs.......


  1. No! What a pity!! Is that the yarn that you just recently purchased on our outing? I have a bad memory.

  2. Yes, this was some of the recently purchased yarn. I had to toss it too. RIP Angora/wool blend. The fuzziness felted together some in the knotty parts making it near impossible to salvege. It is ok. I bought more than I needed.

  3. :-(

    Even Stewart hasn't done that...glad you bought extra!

    Remind me not to leave my knitting on my chair when i get up for food on Sunday.

  4. I haven't dared even bring out my yarn since Luna's arrival... b/c this is exactly what I fear (not to mention a sick puppy)!

  5. Luckily Nigel hasn't stolen anything yarn related yet. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.

  6. oh, mo!!! i'm not too sure i want him staying here while you're in mexico! ;)
    i am glad to see you got a rack to put the quilt aunt b made you for your wedding! :) is that the quilt you helped make??