Monday, August 13, 2007

Introducing Taylor!

My sewing machine arrived! Yea! His name is Taylor. I have been asked how I know he is a boy, and I just thought it was obvious. It is a Brother brand machine.
I am anxious to give him a try, but am not ready to start my crib skirt project just yet. I do have a well used quilt I received as a high school graduation gift 10 years ago that could use some serious mending. Especially considering it is my favorite couch blanket!

While I was busy with opening up Taylors shipping box, Mo decided to play with his favorite new toy...
Mo's new toy Ewww Mo!
Yes... that is our $1.99 Ikea toilet brush. You should see him prance around with it in his mouth. I have tried spraying it with bitter apple with hopes of it would deter him, but my stubborn little man wasn't even slowed down.

And finially some adorable knitting to finish off the post...Saarje's Bootees knit with Dale of Norway Baby UII. Still need to add buttons, but they are basically done.
Aug13-07 005 Bootie


  1. ahh, those itty bitty booties are adorable! oh and so is Mo...

    i think i'll take a photo of my machine in the next few days just to share with you gals :) you'll get a good laugh, i'm sure of it!

  2. taylor is rather handsome! congrats on his arrival!

    mo is hilarious. i had to do a double take... he's so bad!!!!! maybe i will have to be your live in nanny once sproggy arrives, kevin will just have to deal with 4 brats!!

    the booties are adorable!!!! i didn't even know you were making them.

  3. god. Those booties are so freakin' adorable. I can't wait until you have the little girl to go with them!

    And that is some machine - do you feel pressured to create great things with it? I would.

    Oh, those booties!

  4. Totally cute booties! I am also so glad some fool our there was able to talk you into getting a sewing machine. He is quite a handsome fellow.

  5. Nice sewing machine! It's obvious that it's a "he". I lol at his name, it's perfect!