Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Socks Suck?

Grumperina recently declared that she is not a sweater knitter. She even made buttons to put on her blog and to share with others that boldly states this preference of hers. This post of hers, along with some lack of interest of my own makes me wonder if perhaps I am not a sock knitter? I enjoy sock yarn, I enjoy turning a heel, love my one pair of hand knit socks... but I find myself starting them and never finishing a set. Not like my normal knitting style at all. I normally hate unfinished objects piling up in my stash.
This sock was started on Sunday August 5th, the day of the first Steelers game of the year. A pre-season Hall of Fame game, but enough to get me thinking black and gold none the less. It sat on hold for at least a week while I wondered if it was too small after turning the heel three times due to my own lack of concentration. I moved past that with help from some other Steeler football and my gestational diabetes test. My progress so far...Please ignore my day-glo white skin.
Steelers sock in progress

close up of the third-time's-a-charm heel...
Steelers sock heel close up

I think the only thing keeping me going is knowing that my Steelers gear won't fit until later in December once Sproggy arrives. Hopefully it will be enough to get me through the second sock!!


  1. oh i really like that sock! do the other so you can actually wear them!!!! or, you're just going to have to start wearing mis-matched socks since you never make them friends.

    i've been waiting for a post from you... gosh!

  2. Considering I have just the leg done of my first sock, I don't know if I am a sock knitter either. :(

    Do you like the Lorna's Laces in that colorway? I've been thinking about getting some but I'm not sure if I'm thrilled with the way it knits up.

  3. If you make a "I am not a sock knitter" button you know I will be the first person to want one.

  4. I wasn't a sock knitter until I discovered knitting with 2 circulars :)

    Just saying.