Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photo update

Not much going on worth blogging about. Taking it one day at a time, and overall it is going quite well. I put the Saarje Booties onto Eleni and got some pictures. They where a little small for her monster feet, but that didn't hurt the cute factor one bit.
Booties 2

Our first children, the dogs, are adjusting rather well to our new family member as well. Bella is always checking on Eleni when she is in the pack'n play or when someone new holds her. Mo is less maternial and more jealous of Miss Eleni. He needs to make sure he isn't getting ignored. Just take a look for yourself...
Big brother Mo
Good think I have a big lap.


  1. awww - manda jane!!! look at how natural you look. what a beautiful pic of you and your new bundle of joy. i'd love to come and meet her!!!!

    <3 nic

  2. Look how cute you guys look in that last photo! I'm glad poor little Mo isn't being ignored, lol. Eleni is just gorgeous, and you guys look like you're settling in well.

  3. Aww... I just came to your blog to link it in my blog and look what I found! Pictures of my favorite male dog.

  4. how dare she have feet to big for her booties! They look quite darling, and it's a treat to see her eyes open as well.! Mo is being quite the camera hog--LOOK...LOOK at me... not at that cute little baby on mommy's lap! LOL

  5. how cute! love the bootie photos :) and that last one of you, the baby and the other baby :)

  6. i hope she doesn't end up with big feet like us!!!

    she's so adorable! thanks for posting pictures, i like to steal them!!! haha

    love you!

  7. What a darling family you have Amanda! Looks like EVEYONE is adjusting well.