Sunday, December 30, 2007


For the first time since December 1st I was alone.

Eleni's first bottle

See, on Friday I pulled out my pump and K was able to give Eleni her first bottle. It was well received and she sucked the bottle dry in no time. This morning I pumped again, and took a trip to my favorite market- McGinnis Sisters- for the first time since Eleni was born. Their carts are quite small, and not easy to take along a baby in a car seat. So I went alone. Boy was it strange leaving the house solo! But I was able to enjoy my shopping knowing K had the tools to keep her happy until I returned. Turned out she slept through my entire trip and the milk wasn't necessary. However having it available made us all more relaxed.

In other news, I am knitting. Slowly. Very very slowly. But the point is it is getting done. I had considered stopping this section of the baby moderne at 36 ridges, but remembered how particular I am and how I would regret it if I made it smaller than the pattern suggested. So I am on ridge 44 of 54. One more block to go which is another 36 ridges and will go along the left side in the picture below and will be brown and blue. I am working on the pink and brown boxes at the top.
Baby Moderne

Happy New Year to you all!!


  1. it's a strange feeling going out alone for the first time isn't it? it will feel strange the next few too. if you think about it, she's been with you for longer than since the 1st... she's been with you since you got that positive test a few months ago... it's a strange feeling as a mother to leave that behind even if it's just so that you can go to the grocery.

    the blanket looks great! you'll be happy that you stuck with the pattern and it's suggested size. my thoughts, the larger the baby blankie, the better :)

  2. I was wondering how you were doing, but figured with a new baby, you'd choose sleep over blogging. ;)

    Thank goodness for Mason Dixon. That kind of knitting really helped me get back on the postpartum knitting horse...I was so tired I was afraid I'd screw up anything remotely complicated.

  3. I still remember my first solo trip from the house - it was also to the grocery. :-) I don't know what was weirder for me, to be out without Heather or to be out in the world and not be pregnant anymore! After months of feeling so 'obvious', it was weird to blend into the the world again!

    The blanket looks lovely. Garter stitch is the perfect maternity leave knitting.

  4. The scariest part is when you will start looking forward to grocery shopping for the first time ever because it will be the only chance you get to be alone.

    That is quite an adorable picture of Kevin and Eleni!

  5. You can't post a beautiful picture of father and daughter and a beautiful knitted blanket in the same post - I don't know which to comment on!

    Just kidding--the baby is newer, so I pick her. She and K look so cute. We have a picture of my dad holding me on his arm when I was teeny tiny, and I've always loved it. Our kids are going to be waaay more documented thanks to digital cameras :P

    Glad you're getting in a bit of knitting though. I'm sure Eleni will love the blanket when it's done.