Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby Moderne, block 9 complete!!

Baby Moderne, block 9 done!
No no no... look past the baby. I know it is hard. She is pretty darn cute. Block 9 is done!! I completed the 54th ridge last night and bound off before our bed time. Time to pick up stitches for block 10 which is only 18 ridges (and I thought it was 36, what a happy surprise!) This blanket will be done before I go back to work for sure!


  1. That blanket has turned out to be so pretty! It seems so huge now, but as she continues to grow longer, it'll be more proportionate! Since we never had blankey's, all I can think of is Sean's nasty blankey that, sadly, I think I partook in it splitting in two! oops.

    She's absolutely adorable! ;)

    love ya!

  2. the blanket looks great...but it is hard to see it with cutie elani in the photo :)

  3. they are both perfect! great job!