Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We barely celebrate Valentine's day around here. K has a sincere dislike for the holiday which retailers try to convince women their man does not truly love them unless he is bringing home roses, chocolates, and diamonds. I don't blame him and honestly this year I couldn't even bring myself to read cards long enough to pick one out. However, over the weekend K bought me this wonderful handmade mug from the Union Project's craft sale.

Cup of Joe

This mug was made by the talented brother of my friend RD who occasionally blogs here. She told me about the sale, and we just happened to be headed for that side of town to celebrate Heather's first birthday! So we ran into RD at the sale and she helped me with the difficult decision of which cup to buy. She and her husband thought the one I picked looked like snow-in reality. So I had to photograph it with some snow. I would have to say that real snow is still whiter than the mug.

And here is Miss E on Valentine's day, playing on her mat after a fun visit with Cara and her boys!
Grabbing the bug 3


  1. hope eleni got the card i sent her!!! (and that you got the one i sent you & k, too!)

  2. aw... look at that Joe cup. It looks happy. I love Eleni on her playmat too.. so cute!