Monday, February 11, 2008


I tend to be a single project gal. Unless that project is far too large to commute with. I still don't have to worry about commuting and knitting though. And I am afraid that I have been unfaithful to the Baby Moderne blankie. My Interweave Knits for spring showed up and inspired me to pull out the Cotolino yarn I bought when No Sheep for You was first published.
Cables & O's

It may be freezing outside, but I am dreaming of the warm days when I can wear this sweater!!

I was guilty of the time I put into this sleeve (which will also be a guage swatch when I get brave enough to measure)... so I finished the I-cord on the blankie this weekend as well. However there are many ends to weave in before its photoshoot.


  1. Well, I'm glad you made your apologies to the Baby. I wouldn't want to carry on with that guilt.

  2. I used to a be one project kind of gal too, but I feel bad I never apologized to the WIPs I left to the side...does that make me a heartless knitter?! hahahahaha. I adore the color of your sweater!