Sunday, March 16, 2008

Has it been that long?

I have had a few impatient comments the past few days. I suppose it has been too long since my last update. I am finally feeling better now that I beat this cold that had been haunting me for two weeks. Miss Eleni brought it home with her from daycare and seemed to do a much better job at beating it than I did. It is my excuse for my disappearance. Plus since my last post I have returned to the working world. My reentry was not especially traumatic for anyone involved. I enjoy getting out of the house and having back part of my pre-mom identity again.

Hopefully I will have a chance to post another update soon. I have had some knitting trauma, bad enough that it kept me home from our monthly get together. I am not sure I am ready to discuss it right now.

until then....Happy Easter


  1. Cute bunny! We missed you today... I wonder if this knitting trauma involved Mo eating all of your knitting projects. I hope not.

  2. as jen said, you were missed. i hope it wasn't too terribly tragic...

    totally cute little bunny!

  3. oh no! I was looking forward to seeing you at my first knitting GTG. Didn't you know there are goodies (like really big chocolate chip cookies) there to help get you through the trauma?!

  4. I wish I could hear the noise that accompanies that cute little facial expression. She is so darn cute!

  5. You can't distract us from wanting to know about the knitting trauma with cute bunny/baby photos. I mean, it almost worked, but not quite. Hope you're...what is the word I'm looking for...untraumatized??!! We missed you yesterday!

  6. ohmygoodness....
    that picture has just made my exhausting day wonderful!!!!!! i'm so glad to call her mine! :)

    thanks for the update... sorry you had knitting trauma. i've had knitting trauma, too- like, i suck at it?? :)

    see you sunday,
    your impatient sister

  7. what an adorable baby girl!!! i see sooooooooooo much of you in her from your baby/kid days.

    miss you!!

  8. oh yeah - that anonymous is from me (nic!) lol

    sorry about that! =)