Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I had every intention on posting some over the weekend. Before Easter. However K and I came down with a wicked stomach bug Saturday night and it messed everything up. We are doing much better and for that we are greatful. We both took a sick day on Monday and while home I managed to pick up some knitting again.
I forgot to take a finished picture, and it was gifted to my mum today for her birthday which was yesterday. Just a dishcloth inspired by Michelle's Love Bug bib on Ravelry. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement. Nothing like a dishcloth to get a gal back on the knitting bandwaggon.

The real post delayed due to my illness is this. On Friday we received a new dining room set. It was bitter sweet. The set belongs to my grandparents who where moved into assisted living this past year. I casually mentioned the set and was told that it would likely be sold as no one else in the family had expressed interest in wanting it. I just couldn't imagine strangers dining at the table I ate all of my childhood holiday dinners at. Grandpa shared my feelings and was happy to let K and I have it. It fills the room wonderfully and it holds such a special place in my heart. Mom and Dad brought over some table cloths and napkins to go along with the table. I burried my nose into a table cloth and sucked in the familiar smell of grandma's house. It brought tears to my eyes. How many more times would I be able to smell that smell and have all the associated memories rush back so quickly?

I just deep down wish it was all still in my grandparents home, with my grandparents. It is ours now, to make new memories at while being reminded of the good times we have had in the past.

Looking in from the kitchen
Dining Room (3)
And from the living room
Dining Room (1)
Dining Room (6)

Hope that you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend.


  1. your post is making me all teary! it's so wonderful that you could take your grandparent's dining set. It looks beautiful in the room.

  2. First, I love the color you chose for the dish cloth. I think that this pattern REQUIRES a crazy bright color:)

    Secondly, your post about the table reminded me of something. For my bridal shower guests were to bring a recipe card with them to add to my recipe stash. A good family friend gave me one that had a recipe for A Long and Happy Life together. The ingredients were:
    1) a table with plenty of chairs
    2) good food
    3) one meal a day
    Set a table together and share your food, your day and your life with each other, your children, and anyone that enters your home. The time you spend with each other is priceless.

    In this case, you are lucky enough to have great memories of your grandparents in addition to all the things above!

  3. thankfully you have the table so we can make more memories at it. it was sadly sitting in their house with no one. it was hard to see their house nearly empty today, but harder to see it with furniture in it and no people.

    also... you forgot to mention, you shared your bug so generously... jerk! (mom went to bed at like 530 pm)

    love you anyways...

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The set is really lovely and looks great in your home. I'm sure your grandparents are thrilled to know it will be used and loved.

  5. although bittersweet, it's wonderful that you have given it a new home and lots of new life to see for years to come. it's a beautiful set and looks perfect in your dining room! i'm jealous of the china cabinet.

    strange thing here regarding smell, i have my grandmother's jewelry chest, it sits on top of my dresser with my "jewels" in it now. but each and every time i open it, it smells of her and their home. even my stuff that's in it has taken on the smell. every so often when i'm wearing a piece, i'll catch the scent. it's strange but yet a nice way to remember someone.

    enjoy your new set!

  6. Oh, I am all teary now too! I'm glad you could give the furniture a good home.

  7. Your post is so sweet! I bet your grandparents are proud to let you have the set. May all your good memories never fade!!