Sunday, April 6, 2008

It runs in the family

So I am not the only creative genius in this house. (hehe) Eleni brought home her first art project from school. So we hung it in the gallery.
Little Crafter
She calls it "Lion in paper and yarn"
Little Crafter (1)
I couldn't be more proud knowing she took to using yarn so proficiently. I think she will make an excellent knitter one day. Here she is at the gallery opening
Little Crafter (2)
The gallery will be displaying this work through the end of summer. By appointment only.


  1. ha ha ha, that is THE cutest blog i've seen all week! that is some fantastic fiberwork!

  2. This early work is pure genius! She will be one to watch, for sure.

  3. I'm cracking up. Can't wait to see your little prodigy's work in person. Maybe I could even write a review?

  4. aw - how cute! lol

    and i love that i see little ms. kira on that fridge too!!

    jul did tell you our news, right??

    <3 nic