Monday, November 10, 2008

Not quite how I imagined it to be

We took our first road trip with EJ this past weekend to visit her godfather-K's BFF- and his wife on the other side of the state. So I had some unusual weekend knitting time on my hands. I took full advantage on the way out and finished the knitting on Come Together. I even got it almost all the way sewn together too. Now here is the bummer. I am not sure I am a fan.
Come Together
Guess I could have closed the closet door... In anycase here is what I look like in the sweater from afar. The bottom rolls a bit but I expect that to settle down when it gets blocked.
Come Together
And this is a closer look at the bodice where the decreases are to create that slanty ribbing deal. I have gaps there. Not sure if it will go away with blocking. I also have holes where my increases are under my arms too. Not such a fan of that either.
And finally... The bulge
Come Together
Because my ribbing is looser than my stockinette stitch... or perhaps because my bust isn't busty enough... or possibly because there are more stitches in the bodice or some odd combination of all of these things I get a terrible bulge of fabric right in the middle of my stomach where the ribbing starts. Had the ribbing pattern started at the bust line it wouldn't be an issue as my boobs would have stretched that out nicely. Even though they are not ample it would have been enough. However I don't see any kind of blocking making this any less of a problem.

So the question is what to do next. The yarn is super yummy. I need to wear it. Thoughts include
~starting from scratch. Something inspired by my class with Jared and do a "design my own sweater" sweater.
~ripping back to the start of the stockinette part, keeping the tunic shaping and make the top in stockinette and a neckline of my choice.
~starting from scratch and knitting another sweater with the yarn, perhaps the Hourglass Sweater or the Tree Jacket

Whatever I decide on it has to be right for the yarn, and right for me. This sweater I don't feel was right for me. I greatly appreciate any insight you wise readers may have for me.


  1. I think you look cute. What if you sort of tucked the bulge in and seamed it smooth?

  2. oh no.... i agree with anna, i think it looks really nice on! the little holes in the front don't bother me. but the ones on the sides would. i'm curious how blocking has changed those...

    as for the bulge... hmmm, that's sorta strange. i would have to try blocking it first before totally discounting it. i hope it works because i really like the shape of it on you!

  3. I do think the angles look nice on you, but if you decide to choose a new pattern, I'm voting for the Tree Jacket.
    I think if you take away the angled ribbing on this pattern, it won't be as interesting of a design, so I'm not sure about redoing it in stockinette. Sorry it didn't come together how you had hoped (sooo lame I had to do it!).

  4. G-D holes! I don't know, I think I vote for a re-knit. You are a very talented knitter and this sweater doesn't really do your skillz justice.

  5. Well, you've hit upon my biggest fear about knitting a sweater for myself (that after eons of work, i won't like it). I think you look very cute in the pic from across the room, but I also get that it might not be quite a you kind of sweater. The model was quite busty, wasn't she. Maybe it needs that to pull out the bulge. The yarn IS fabulous, so I wouldn't fault you if you want to reknit!

    Sorry it didn't turn out to be the dream sweater you imagined!

  6. I think you look great in the sweater. Remember that when you wear it in real life you are moving around, sitting, running after dogs, etc. You are rarely standing still where anyone would detect what you perceive as imperfections. I think the bulge will settle down after a while.

  7. I say that if you're even remotely unhappy, do a reknit, 'cause you'll never wear it. Or you'll obsess over the issues.

    I love Tree Jacket. It's extremely cuddly.

  8. If you look at the picture on the Twist Collective site, the ribbing starts just below the bust. It says in the pattern that it is high waisted. Your pic shows the ribbing starting more at a normal waist position. Maybe if you knitted the ribbing on smaller needles and started it right below your bust, it would look better.

    I found your blog by doing a search of the pattern on Ravelry to see how it turned out.