Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey look!

Did you see the cool new tool I have over there --->
Go ahead, I will wait while you look.

Julia of Knitterly Things posted about the new Ravelry trick that is unsupported yet available for us to use. So I added the fancy code and have pretty progress bars and pictures that automatically list my active projects that are in Ravelry! Hooray!

Looks like I am doing an awful lot for miss EJ. So unlike me, isn't it?


  1. ooh, fun! i'm trying to get it to work... but i'm having some issues... guess i'll have to putz with it later when i have more time... it's time to start dinner.

  2. I've seen that on a few blogs and wanted to do it! I need to carve out some time to play:)

  3., but do I really want to further publicize my slow progress on projects?

  4. My question is how you/it knows how far along you are. Does is magically know how much you've knit, or do you have to guesstimate the percentages?