Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Recap

Where has this month gone? Honestly, I can't believe how long it has been since I last updated the blog. Especially with all that had been going on. Then again much of the knitting I was keeping busy with was for Christmas presents, and some for people who read my blog. So that was all on the hush hush. So I guess I will start there.
Christmas Knitting
There was a scarf for my mom. The Scrunchable Scarf knit in Malabrigo
Mom's scarf
Leftovers used to make a darling Linen Stitch Scarfette for Miss Linda at daycare... can you believe I didn't get a finished photo of that one? UGH!
I knit a Republic Hat for my sister, and forgot to get a picture of her wearing it. Julie... consider that an assignment! There had been an idea to make a matching scarf but that was canceled.
And then there where the last minute additions. Two Christmas Balls
Christmas 08Christmas 08
And Miss Eleni's Christmas Puppy
Christmas 08
All of these are in my Ravelry project page for those of you interested in the details.
Favorite Ornaments
Next on my to-blog list was the Favorite Ornaments tag from The Spice Rack. While I have a lot of ornaments that remind me of places we have been, or special moments in our life together these three stand out above and beyond the others. They are hand carved ornaments my grandpa made for family members over the past few Christmases. We have Santa
Christmas tree
A blurry Christmas Nisse because some little elf was shaking my tree...
Christmas tree
And lastly the Peace Angel
Christmas tree
Those are my favorites. I am sure you can understand why. I did take one more picture of my tree that I think makes it a little unique. Our tree is artificial, and a tad too tall for the room. In fact we have to bend down the top branch so that it fits. So there is little room for a big star or angel to grace the top of our tree. So this is our silly tradition.
Christmas tree
Christmas Day
EJ thought Santa brought her tennis balls for Christmas. And was very excited about that as you can see.
Christmas 08
Eventually she let the dogs have their new toys back and realized how cool her new scooter was.
Christmas 08Christmas 08
Look it moves! And there is a bell!
Christmas 08
It was a nice relaxing morning, and having a child makes the holiday so much more magical. We hosted the family for dinner and it went over without any problems. We are still trying to integrate our new stuff into the house. Times like this I wonder how much longer we will fit into our current house with all of our 'stuff'.

Coming soon- a post about my current knitting obsession! Have a happy and safe new year!

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  1. one step ahead of you- i took pics of me wearing it last night! two are posting on my FB.. feel free to steal/post on here.