Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I win!

Better late than never right? I had a twisted idea that I should make an apron an hour before leaving for pierogi day at casa de spice rack. It was a silly inside joke I thought I should follow through on. And I failed to complete my task in the time I had before I had to leave. So it sat in the craft room for awhile because life became too busy to sew.
This weekend, and hour before another fun afternoon obligation I decided it was time to finish the apron. I wasn't sure about its fullness until I took photographs. And from across the yard, I think it is cute.
And no judging the wrinkled pants... I just threw them on so I could take a picture while the sun was out this morning. My sweat pants just didn't look good with an apron.

The fabric is from Sew Mama Sew and the pattern is one from Bend the Rules Sewing. I added a contrasting hem to the bottom because my fabric was shorter than suggested. And being tall I thought that the extra length would be better. I used two 1/4 yard pieces of fabric.

So, I win the cute apron contest. Perhaps only because I was the only contestant... but a win is a win! GO ME!


  1. LOL - i'm totally cracking up at this post! totally adorable wrinkled pants and all (i was going to mention them over on flickr but decided that they were better than your gray work from home pants, so i decided against it...)

  2. Super cute! I need a close up of the print though...going to check flickr in hopes of more shots.

  3. Very cute. I love that you won your own contest!

  4. Yay. It's darling! I love the big bow tie!