Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Vacation summary

What a beautiful week to have spent home with my daughter. The weather is perfect for early November and we have done our best to take advantage of it while we had the chance. Not all of our activities were fun. A vet trip for Bella, nothing major... and grocery shopping were the low points. However the highlights dominated our week together.
Tuesday we decided to head to the nearest OldNavy to return a sweater I ordered and hated. EJ needed a white long sleeved shirt so we headed to the baby zone. $50 later we got home with some new clothes among them a three-pack of underwear. I figured we would need them soon enough. Little did I know the kid was more interested than I anticipated. Three days later, we are still accident prone but it is pretty exciting to see her learning and getting better. I wish I had started earlier in the week. I am still a bit nervous about returning to work on Monday.
Wednesday we had a playdate with our good friends. We have not played together since the Spring I believe. It had been entirely too long. Thursday went by rather quickly as my work BFF came over for some cooking fun. We made sauce and home made noodles. EJ helped-
Making pasta!
(yes... i know... great outfit right? no pants and rain boots. That's my girl.)She loved to turn the crank on the pasta machine, but had a tendency to turn it the wrong way, or reverse directions mid way through. I think she needs more practice.
Today, Friday, still has a lot of potential. But I should mention when running to get my oil changed and to Target EJ was accident free. I picked up more underwear too. Can't get by on 3 pairs for very long. Perhaps Elmo and Dora can help motivate my girl away from the last few accidents?
Oh.... and most importantly. I made some major progress on the cabled sweater that will never end. Ok, so that is a little dramatic. It will be finished. It is just slow going considering the gauge. All of the twists and cables are time consuming.
Fireside sweater in progress
I just need sleeves! You are looking at the two front pieces, and the back piece. I modified the back a bit for the size I was making but more details on that once it is finished!

Well, nap time is bound to be over soon. I have a little more me time left and should get my knit on. Hope you have been able to enjoy this beautiful day! Have a great weekend too!

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  1. I'm jealous that you got to enjoy this beautiful week off work! Sounds like exciting progress both on the knitting (and underwear) fronts!