Monday, January 18, 2010

Fireside, Finished... almost

Hello, and a belated happy new year to you all! Due to some technical problems, paired with some lost of interest in my current project as well as distraction with loads of baking I have been neglecting my blog. However, I have a finished project. Almost.

It is my Fireside Cardi [Rav] which I have been working on since September!!! No wonder it was hard to finish. While it was a consuming project with all of the cables along the way slowing me down, I am so glad I kept on knitting. I love this sweater! It is warm, and cozy, and I think looks great on. Well take a look for yourself...
I knit the smallest size with some modifications. Like usual I added some obscene ammount of length to the arms and body of the sweater to fit my tall frame.
Across the back, I didn't merge the cables together as the pattern suggested for the smallest size. Instead I added some additional stitches and kept the two center cables 2 stitches apart before the increases started.
You may notice there are no photos of the sweater buttoned. Well, that brings me to the almost part of it being finished. I want some buttons, but decided to wait to put button holes in until after I was finished. I am leaning towards afterthought buttonholes of some kind, but have not ruled out an i-cord trim to also act as the buttonband. I also need to find buttons!


  1. Oh my goodness - I can't believe I missed this when you first posted it. Absolutely beautiful!! I've never seen this pattern before, but aran knitting is my FAVORITE!! You both look spectacular together. Gotta go check it out, right now.

  2. Ha - My bloglist had your last post at three weeks ago. Now I see that it has updated and you just put this up today. Turns out I didn't miss it, after all ... and I spent a lot of time on Ravelry reading all about this pattern and different yarns people have used.

  3. ooooh! VERY VERY nice! the lines are just perfect!

  4. Yay. Congrats!

    Being able to add length is one of my favorite things about knitting garments for myself.