Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More holiday knits

While I hadn't planned on any Christmas knitting I managed to tackle a few other small items this past month. Just some scrap sock yarn and a basic pattern I followed for the first and tried to remember for the other five. They were fun, and easy, and most importantly- quick!
First, two for Eleni's daycare teachers. Along with a gift card and some home made caramel popcorn these helped dress up the package a bit.
Little socks
And then I knit some for my family, my aunt, parents, and recently engaged cousin... oh and of course one for us as well!
Little socks
Go Steelers! Those little socks may have brought us some luck. They brought home a win on Sunday when I gifted them to my family. And that is a size 10 needle running though the loops just to give an indication of scale.

My fireside cardi is still in progress. I kicked some butt on the remaining sleeve one afternoon with friends. But it has not grown as quickly since that day. I guess it helps to take it from its bag.

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  1. Super cute little socks! My husband and oldest daughter are going to the Rose Bowl on New Years Day to see the Oregon Ducks play -- I should've made them some green & yellow socks, too.