Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010- Lessons Learned:

If you live under a rock, or perhaps in a far warmer climate you probably heard of the big snow storms to hit the north east. We measured 24 inches from the first round that hit over the weekend and I stopped measuring when the second storm came through. The local news station suggests it was about 8 additional inches. I have to admit, I was giddy watching the snow fall over the weekend. It is safe to say I am totally over it right about now. In any case, the storms have taught me some lessons.

1. Having house guests is fun. We took in a refugee who lost his power over the weekend. The distraction made being snowed in a little easier to bear. Especially for the dogs and EJ. And it gave mom and dad a much needed break.

2. Never mock the people on the news buying snow shovels during a storm. It will cause your best snow shovel (yes, we have 3) to break and render itself useless. Second best snow shovel sucks. I hope the news crews are not at the hardware store when I make that walk of shame.

3. Work from home is awesome.

4. I do crazy things when I don't spend enough time out of the house. Like washing dishes, laundry and running the vacuum. The mess is a lot more annoying when I am staring at it all day!

5. A three foot tall person can have fun in two feet of snow.

6. We have great neighbors.

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