Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Why is it that when describing the size of an embryo or fetus the books and web sites tend to relate everything to the size of fruit? I am not talking normal fruit. Kumquat stage has come and gone without me even coming across a kumquat in the produce isle. Today I find out we are in fig mode. Yes. My sprog is fig sized. Turned out we had figs in the cupboard left over from some Italian themed basket K brought home from some event. I don't know what to do with figs, so I photographed them so that you have the pleasure of imagining how big sprog is this week. Ballband dishcloth shown for scale...

Lets hope the baby is more attractive.

In other mother-related news I received quite a cute present from K's grandmother on mothers day... recognize that handsome fella? Now he doesn't look like a fig...


  1. *sigh* my niece/nephew the sprog fig... how exciting! ;)

    nice flickr pics! i want to see your bathroom! i have nicole's shower on sunday - will you guys be around for me to stop by afterwards?

  2. ok, so this whole thing was pretty funny. thanks for the size analogy. only us knitters would know for sure what size the ball bands vs the fig are :) you crack me up!

    just wait until sprog is as big as a watermelon! fun times!