Monday, May 7, 2007


I have had cats in my life as pets. They all loved sunning themselves in the windows. So much so that my parents white cat Noah is actually in the front window in the picture on the Allegheny county assessment page. However never in my life had I had a dog which enjoyed the same thing. Mo loves to sun himself. So much so that we have to remove him from the sun on especially hot days to keep him from over heating. On this particular day I didn't get to opening the front door quick enough for him and he managed to crawl onto window sill. I always thought they looked a little cat like- but I didn't expect the behaviour to follow!


  1. Too funny!! I have a cat that behaves like a dog! LOVE you bathroom, btw!

  2. mom says i cannot take mo :(

    he wouldn't have a window sill to sit on here tho!


  3. Mo really does look like a cat sunning himself. Luna likes to hang out on the balcony, sunning herself and watching what goes on in the trees just nearby and on the ground down below. She just sits and watches the birds.