Wednesday, September 5, 2007

We hit the Jackpot!

K's work continues to be awesome. It is the small stuff like team building laser tag, summer time picnics, cake day, and employee of the month complete with a special parking space. The quality of his coworkers also seems to be quite high. This is best shown with this picture.
Boxes 1

What is that? You don't understand how this mess in my basement is relevant to K's coworkers? Well let me tell you about these boxes...
Boxes 2
Well, these boxes (and plastic bags) plus one more that is in my living room. K has a coworker with three young daughters. Identical twin two year old girls, and a 4 year old big sister. This guy seemed elated to hear we where having a girl. Each of those boxes is full of baby clothes! Sized between 0-18 months from what I can tell after a quick glance at the labels. Yes, it is also organized by size. Horray for free baby clothes!

If only I had a nursery dresser to put some of this in! While on the nursery topic, the crib skirt sewing should begin this weekend! Check back for photos!


  1. oh my goodness- that's AWESOME aj!
    i thought some horrible trick was played & k got boxes of junk! fabulous!!!!! :)

  2. Oh MY GOD! that's crazy! that is a TON of clothes!

    chris's family has twin boys who are a year and 1/2 older than max but were born quite small so their sizes match up from exactly one year prior to where max currently is :) i usually get tons of hand-me-downs too but not boxes upon boxes! that's nuts! you are one lucky girl!

  3. You weren't kidding when you said you got A LOT of clothes. That is awesome!!

  4. Well, now I know what I'm NOT getting you for your shower. . .