Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, after a few weeks of waiting Lady reappeared. At first I thought this was her, and her two babies. The cuteness is overwhelming.
Babies- Squeeee!
I squeeled when I saw them. Too freaking cute. Then a couple of hours later I saw a movement through the patio door and look who it was...
I think that is Lady. I should knit her some leg warmers or something so I can recgonize her. So while I am pretty confident she didn't just have twins (they where no where to be found) perhaps she was the midwife, or proud aunt who helped deliver those darling fawns.

A less adorable Lady...
Sigh... for those of you who I didn't whine to yet, I dumbly stuck this baby into the front loader washer on "gentle". It felted up a bit. Still fits, but not the way I drempt about. And it got itchier rather than softer. It is soaking in the sink now, and I hope to stretch it out a bit. So lesson learned. Gentle cycles are not gentle enough for Cascade 220!


  1. Oh no, you didn't! I hope she stretches for you.

  2. oh no!!!! (lots of those going around here tonight!)

    i too hope it stretches out for you. if it doesn't maybe you can make it a gift? then knit another for yourself?

  3. So happy to see the babies!! Do you think they would let me pet them?

  4. I'm so sorry about the sweater. I still think it looks great. Hope it stretches well for you.

  5. I can testify that it's still very warm & cozy, but I'm so sorry it shrunk and got kinda felted. Never trust those washing machines... even if they offer you candy.