Monday, July 7, 2008


Grumble. The tag is like blogging homework. They even come with directions:
Name five things that you can't live without. It can't be a person, it has to be something material that actually makes your life easier. It can't be something in general, it must be exact. Also, it can't be the obvious like a cell phone or computer.
Annie tagged me, and now that it is Monday and I am back at work I have time to come up with some of my own "5 things I couldn't live without". It is hard reading other lists without having the urge to copy them... but lets see how creative I am this morning.
Five Things I Couldn't Live Without by AJKnits
1. Coffee. I used to swear I would never be a coffee drinker. It was yucky. Then I started drinking it late night at eat'n park with about 3 spoons of sugar and a creamer. Once I started working a real job I would pick up a Latte on occasion at the local coffee shop. Slowly I weaned off of the sugar (8 packs in 16oz!!!) and I am down to just cream in my coffee. My morning is not complete without a cup, especially if EJ doesn't sleep well. So what if I am an addict.
2. Public Transportation. As a reformed driver, I have experienced both sides of commuting. There is nothing like zipping past all of the traffic on the trolley each morning. I can sleep, I can squeeze in some precious knitting time, I can chat with a friend, or just space out. Plus only having to put gas into Fritzie once a month is great with the cost of gas being what it is now. Sure, there are annoying people on cell phones, ignorant people who won't give up their seat for a pregnant lady, and an occasional broken down train. All minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things.
3. Online Shopping. Really, I can find anything I need or want, and have it delivered to my house. With a 36 inch inseam, and a baby this is the best thing ever. I love having packages waiting for me on my front porch.
4. Yarn. It holds so much potential. It gives me a creative outlet. I can boss it around and force it into perfection. It led me to a wonderful group of ladies when I was in need of some friends. What more can a girl ask for?
5. DVR. Seriously? How do people without DVR get by? While I am not like Annie, and record everything I watch or like Amy with the nearly full DVR. Either of those situations make me feel behind on viewing. My DVR is never more than 40% full. I love pausing live TV, rewinding when we miss something, and recording shows we love when we are not home. We would have to be pretty broke to cancel our DVR service!

That is all. I tag... nobody. Unless you want tagged. Then I tag you. Back to work.

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  1. How could I have not thought of online shopping?? Do people actually buy things at stores anymore? Not me.

    And my DVR is usually over 90% full. Been lots of times we have lost shows due to overcrowding.