Friday, July 18, 2008

Nursery Rhyme

The old crib was not safe at all, so unsafe infact there was a recall.
Crib with skirt
So we picked out a second bed, for little eleni to rest her head.
Take two crib 2
and while she can use it all her life... poor mommy couldn't use that pretty crib skirt in it anymore. (oops, that doesn't rhyme.)


  1. Oh no again! Are you sure?! I feel like running over there to help you make it fit 'cause that really sucks. Well at least Eleni wasn't injured by the bad crib.

  2. Oh, I guess I should have mentioned that this crib is much lower to the ground, and the skirt is about 6 or 7 inches too long. Boo. Trust me I tried. Now I am thinking up ways to recycle the fabric.

  3. another oh no!

    any way to make them decorative pillow shams for her big girl bed?

  4. that just sucks.... i'm so bummed for you! :( def. recycle the fabric... i love the idea of making some little pillow shams or something out of it. maybe even a little child sized tote bag, pull out btrs for that cute pattern maybe?

    man i'm sad....

  5. that's too bad, the skirt was so pretty!

  6. hey d'manda!

    that stinks about eleni's former bed, but the new one's cute!!

    this post doesn't have much to do with that though. i just thought i'd send you a link i found in case you found yourself wanting to dabble into the world of "cuddly crochet creatures". they're adorable and i thought of you instantly when i saw them: