Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9 month stats

Last Tuesday was EJ's nine month checkup. She is 19lbs 14 oz, and 28.5 inches tall. Both of those are in the 75th percentiles. She is self feeding now and totally rejects being spoon fed. She is cruising around the furniture like a champ, and has even started letting go and standing for a few seconds on her own. She seems to always be on the move! Not like her mother at all...hehehe.
I found the baby kimono I knit for her to come home from the hospital in while cleaning the other day.
So Big!
Can garter stitch scream?


  1. she is adorable.
    i miss her.

  2. I saw the picture before I read the words and thought, what in the world did Amanda dress her poor child in! Glad I read the words so I could stop judging your poor fashion sense, at least your poor fashion sense in this picture.

  3. that's funny! at least it 'sorta' matches....

  4. What a cutie. It looks like a 3/4 length shrug.