Thursday, June 28, 2007

1+2= 1

One body panel, plus two sleeves equals one sweater. Or at least part of one sweater.
avast 005

Photography can be so hard sometimes. Please excuse the terrible lighting. But I wanted to post before heading out to camp for the weekend. I hope that by Sunday I will have more progress to show off. So consider this a before and after vacation study. How much will I get done? Hard to say. I knit an entire sleeve (and 220 yds of yarn) in the past week. Mostly over last weekend. So magic could happen. As of the photo time, I have two rows holding the sleeves onto the body. As I work upwards I will begin to shape the shoulders and work my way to the neckline. Hopefully after I get past the first few painfully long 368 stitch rows and get into the decreases things will get better. The end goal is 88 total stitches.

Again, the before...with fewer distractions...
avast 003

Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. looks great! i really like the detail at the bottom. have fun at camp!

  2. Great color! I'm sure those decreases will make it fly along!

  3. I love that color, but nearly had a heart attack when I saw your dog standing on it....I expected to scroll down and see that the dog had done something bad to the knitting!