Monday, June 4, 2007


13 Week Belly Shot 1

So this is what Sprog has done to my body so far. Well at least the visual changes. It might not look like much, and it really isn't. Just enough to keep me from wearing most of my pants. Any of my shorts or capris. And prevents any of my summer skirts from feeling comfortable. I took the picture on Saturday, it just took me this long to post it. I might try to take weekly photos, but I doubt I will blog each one. Really, my tummy isn't THAT interesting. They will be on my flickr though.

Also in the belly topic zone, the sweater I am knitting for K has finally be photographed. The pattern is Avast from I am using Cascade 220 and size 7 knit picks options needles to get gauge. So far so good. I had to block after I picked up stitches along the cable band because it looked terribly lumpy. Post block I was happy enough with the results to keep on knitting. My progress thus far:
Avast in progress
I am about 9 inches into the 15 inch belly covering portion of said sweater. It is pretty plain knitting until I get to the 15 inch mark. After that I have to knit the sleeves, attach them and knit it all together into one glorious long strip of sweater shoulder action. I am excited for the new-seam-free method!


  1. taking weekly photos is a great way to document it. i didn't do this until way late... there aren't many photos of me while i'm in the cute stage.... just the whale stage...

    can i suggest that you take them all in the the same place, position and in similar light? there is a way to make an animation with photos in photoshop that would be really cool to do with belly photos :) just an fyi sorry this is so long

  2. Hi sprog!!

    BTW, I think I am going to start taking belly pictures too. That is a great idea!

  3. Oh man, I hate to tell you, but your before looks much better than my after!

    It's a cute bump! Do you have a Bella Band? It really helped me get an extra month or so out of my regular pants.