Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Avast update

I have been busy knitting away on Avast the past week. At our last knitting get together I managed to get to a changing point where I completed the bottom half of the sweater body and needed to knit up the sleeves before I was able to proceed. This is my first sleeve with a hem, so that added a bit of variety. I have it pinned back in the photo below and folded up to look like a sleeve rather than a rolly odd shaped piece of stockenette stitch.
Avast arm

Mostly it is just boring stockenette. I made K try it on this morning. Let me tell you he was thrilled. (please insert appropiate sarcasm here) I was happy to find I am getting close to the end length. Maybe another 4 inches. When I slid it over my arm it looked like I would need another 10 inches! Yea for boys with short arms!!


  1. Avast is also my first sleeve with a hem; I was just posting on Ravelry about whether the sleeve is joined in the round or not, but it looks as though it isn't from your post? Also, what a beautiful orange! Is it wool?

  2. The sleeves are knit to the underarm, and then joined with the body which is also knit to the underarm and they are then all worked in one long row with raglan decreases. Does that make sense?

    The yarn is Cascade 220- I am sure my ravelry page has the shade!