Monday, June 11, 2007

Meme: Seven Inetersting things About Me....

I have put this off long enough. Amy went and tagged me, and all my other bloggy friends to participate in the 'Seven Interesting things about me' meme. So lets see if I can come up with anything interesting.
~All or Nothing at all... Not only the title to a great Frank Sinatra song, but as my husband politely pointed out it is something I seem to live by. (For the record Kevin's song is "I did it my way" also by Frank)With most things I am either completely obsessed and wrapped up in the planning of something, or I am not interested at all. I have a hard time finding a happy medium. Also, if someone else is really excited about something I have a hard time being excited too and fall into the 'nothing at all' category. This philosophy penetrates all facets of my life. Spice cabinet- I need it to be organized and neat. I will tear it apart and sort everything because it bothers me so much to think I can't find something when I need it. However when I get undressed at night I have no issue with leaving my clothes on the floor next to the hamper.
~I have worked in the same job since February of 2001. Which puts me at about 6 years and 4 months of tolerating what I do. I started as an intern, and was then hired full time into the group after I graduated. I don't love the work, it is something I can do and they are willing to pay me for it. I resist change. I am not ambitious.

Golly, doing this is hard. I don't feel very interesting at all.

~I knit. I know, not so interesting to my audience... but I knit only one thing at a time. Currently I do have a sock without a friend and a partial sweater on hold but I really only like working on one item at a time. Start to finish. Having too many unfinished items stresses me out. After reading blogs about other knitters I find that this is not the norm. The sweater is on hold only because I won't fit in it once I get the dang thing finished and it killed my motivation. The sock doesn't have a friend because the yarn has been knit and reknit so many times I wanted a break from it. This was the modified toe-up Jaywalker gone bad turned into a generic toe-up sock.
~Although I do eat a lot of different foods, there are certain things that I don't like that everyone else seems to find weird. Here is a short list... fruit pie (and pie crust), chocolate milk and ice cream, milkshakes, cake, mashed potatoes, turkey, jellybeans, overcooked veggies, and chicken breasts. Some of the list I will eat, I just don't run out wishing I had some. Other things I avoid completely. There are exceptions to every rule too.
~I am very handy and knowledgeable about home repair types of things. Not only from over watching HGTV, This Old House, and the New Yankee Workshop...but also from my parents. Growing up my dad always did our home improvements on his own, and with help from neighbors. It was the only way we could afford most changes. His skills expanded as I grew older and I always wanted to help. When I was in high school he and my mom decided it was time to move and they purchased a duplex in our hometown with a plan to convert it back to the single family home they dreamed of. It was (is) a challenge, a money pit, and a labor of love. We tore out a full length dumpster worth of debris from the first floor shortly after moving in. Friends could easily locate our new house.... "drive until you see the dumpster- that is us!" I helped my dad as much as I could with rewiring the entire house, replumbing much of the mess that had occurred due to the home being a duplex, and hanging drywall among other things. During this time I learned a lot. I miss projects with my dad. Now that I have my own home I feel more confident fixing and changing things on my own, but I still call Daddy when I am not sure. ;o)
~I call my dad Daddy and my mom Mummy. I am 27 years old and I am not embarrassed by either. Kevin calls my parents.... well nothing. He just starts talking to them usually. So sometimes I call my mom Lori to try to make Kevin used to using her name. And it works. He calls her Lori at our house, and as soon as he sees her he doesn't use it. I call his parents by their first names.
~I met all of my current friends online. I am usually a one friend gal. I have other friends, but only one really really close friend. Well when I met Kevin my really really close friend was a bad influence (and that was fun) until I wanted to be in a serious relationship with Kevin. So my friend and I grew apart. For a while having Kevin and his friends as my friends worked out. But it was not the same. So I was so happy to have found the knot's local board where I met my current group of friends.

OK, I think that does it. Sorry if I am lame. Maybe that is my eighth interesting thing about me. My lameness.


  1. Wow...four of your things sound a lot like me. Definitely not the one about not digging milkshakes and cake. That's just incomprehensible to me. I hear about people like this, but it just doesn't make sense to me, so I'm not sure I believe you.

  2. Okay... I was going to make two comments but first I have to make a comment I didnt plan on it. I am currently out of the country and so when I just clicked on the comment box, everything is in Spanish. I dont know Spanish so hopefully I am writing my comment in the right box.

    Now for my real comments. My theme song is "I Won't Back Down" because I am a stubborn B and insist on winning fights.

    All of my current friends I met online as well, including my husband.

  3. i love you, manda!

    ps- you're not lame! :)