Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Knitting

So quietly I started knitting more for the Sprogger. After a blogless friend Lisa mentioned knitting the Baby Kimono pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting for a family member expecting twins I was inspired to make one for our baby. So I came home and found a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in my stash. One lonely skein that I was inspired to buy around a year ago. The yarn weight was thinner than the worsted recommended in the pattern, but the yardage was right on. I decided to risk running out and cast on that night. In about a week and a half of pretty regular knitting I had yarn leftover, and this lovely finished object...
Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono
The pattern was slightly modified to accommodate buttons which are not yet sewn on, but did make the photo shoot. Also in the picture is the little bit of yarn that was left from the skein after the sweater was seemed up. I am happy with the results and I hope to let Sproggy wear it home from the hospital.

While on the garter stitch kick I started the Baby Moderne baby blanket using the Knit Picks yarn I mentioned in my last post. So far blocks 1,2 and 3 are complete and I am nearly half way through block 4.
Baby Moderne
I would be much further along, if it had not been for two mistakes. The first was when I started the blue block I didn't pick up enough stitches. After 6 or 7 garter ridges (12-14 rows) I noticed this obvious error. It had to be torn out and reknit. The second mistake happened when I picked up the the stitches for the brown section (block 4). I assumed the block was to lie below the blue and white block and it turned out it was supposed to be on the opposite side, where the blue and pink meet. Sigh.... I only had to frog about 18 rows after that mistake.
I am back on track now... hopefully past the errors and discouragement!


  1. well, now you are officially further along on your blankie than i am... even after you knit 18 extra rows, frogged them and restarted block four... i wanna knit fast like amanda :)

  2. amanda - the sweater is just adorable and that blanket is looking good! Keep up the good work!! :)

  3. Finn wore his MDK Kimono home on his birthday and it was ginormous, but still cute of course.

    You are making me want to knit a Baby Moderne now since I wasn't that together pre-baby. And FWIW, my log cabin instinct would tell me to put the brown where you initially thought as well. I shall learn from your mistake.