Saturday, September 8, 2007

Progress: Nursery

What a busy and productive day. With lots of help from my parents, K and I managed to get through some of the nursery prep that had been put off for so long. We broke into teams and got to work around ten o'clock this morning.

Mom and I focused on sewing the crib skirt. This is my mom using Taylor. She is much better at sewing straight lines than I am, so I let her have that job.
Grandma Lori Sewing
I was the iron-lady, and did some piece pinning as well. I think it was just as important a job. Despite our hard work, we still where not finished by five o'clock when the boys where wrapping up for the day. We likely have another day of work ahead of us before it is complete. Not a big deal considering I have no crib yet to decorate with a skirt.... In any case, here are the three fabrics sewed together (and ironed ever so carefully)
Crib Skirt fabric close up
We still need to finish sewing the hem on 3 of the 4 pieces, attach the decorative ribbon on the top and bottom of the blue section, make the box pleats, and finally attach them all together into one big skirty piece of fabric.

So while we where sewing away, K and my dad where busy painting. They where able to get a coat of paint on the ceiling, the crown molding, and the walls. K came down stairs and proclaimed "I sure hope you like blue" and I became worried about the paint. I asked if it looked nice and he muttered "its okay" more concern entered my mind. As soon as I finished what I was working on I headed upstairs. All of the worry was for nothing, I am quite pleased with my color selection. It is exactly the blue I was looking for. Soft girly blue. Bright but not blindingly so.
Nursery with paint
Like the sewing project, the painting still is not complete. The baseboards and door trim still need to be painted and perhaps a second coat will have to be applied to the walls as well. I will let my dad make that judgement call.
It is really exciting to see my vision begin to come together.


  1. Looks nice. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. That blue is very nice, indeed. I can't wait to see the whole thing come together!

  3. it looks really good!!
    what about the ribbon on the skirt?
    brown at the top? hmm... shouldn't the thicker part be at the bottom? whatever you do i'm sure it'll look gorgeous!!

  4. so far so good! i love that blue color - very pretty!

  5. Everything is coming along! Can't wait to see the end results :-)

  6. I like that! And you've given me hope that I haven't painted myself into a gender-specific corner with Henry's blue room.

  7. I'm at work and our computers here sometimes block pictures and sometimes don't. Your mom is so cute! Glad to finally see her. Your ironing also looks spectacular on your crib skirt so far. I'll have to check out the picture of your blue room sometime later because work decided that I am just not allowed to see that picture.